Work Packages


This work package will address the three aspects of material processing in a plasma; the plasma medium, the delivery of material through the plasma and the collection on rapidly solidified droplets.


  • strengthen the knowledge base of rf plasmas
  • improve material delivery in a plasma medium
  • establish an arrangement for collecting a range of solidified droplets


This work package will investigate the effect of low and high temperature processing on creating different calcium phosphates. Special attention will be given to routes that involve a transient phase such as an amorphous phase, a calcium deficient apatite, or other transient phases.


  • to strengthen the knowledge base in processing of calcium phosphates
  • to explore processing strategies for phase transformations through metastable phases
  • to explore the ability to create a range of splat characteristics


This work package combines modelling (in London) with characterisation and testing. Characterization involves looking at the bonding, structure, thermal transitions, but testing addresses mechanical, in-vitro or testing the use in an application.


  • to strengthen the capacity of probing the structure of calcium phosphates
  • to promote the discovery of materials through modelling and experimental science
  • to reveal how processing can tailor the characteristics and properties of calcium phosphates



  • disseminate knowledge within a new international network
  • manage the project and the exchange of activities
  • educate young scientists and provide interdisciplinary training